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Location of the project: Schieweg Noord – Post-industrial district of the southern part of the city of Delft,
the Netherlands

Located in the post-industrial district of Schieweg, about 20 minutes walk from the historic center of Delft, it is a project of shops and housing.
The proposed urban and landscape project respects flagship morphology urban environment: alignments, heights, gauges …
The site is considered to be without identity, unattractive and residential.
To make this site dynamic, more attractive, a mixed program is proposed, with a commercial zone on the ground floor, and dwellings in the upper floors.
The dwellings of the project are duplexes. Eight of them are intended to be inhabited by families, and two are intended to be inhabited by students of the university campus, located a few minutes by walk or bike from the site.
The project refers to a typology of habitat present outside the site, that of the “Rijtjeshuis“, which means in Dutch the “House in Band“. In these “bands“, a succession is made with several individual houses, juxtaposed one to the other. Two words are used to characterize the project: Verticality and Depth.
The materials used are brick, glass, steel and concrete.